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What is Business Design?

Business design (BUD) applies design thinking to solve fundamental business problems. It employs tactics from the various disciplines of service design, design strategy, product management, business analysis and management consulting.

Why invest in Business Design?

Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is the development of new, innovative concepts using design thinking in favour of a company’s mission, its target audience, its capital, and its processes to bring those concepts to life.

Change Management

Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people during an ongoing change through steps of business designing, to achieve the required outcome.

Growth Opportunities

Growth strategies resulting from business design can be explored by market penetration, product development, market expansion and diversification.

Process Management

Business process management is how a company creates, edits, and analyzes the basic predictable processes that make up the core of its business.

Fun Facts of Business Design

69% of design-led firms perceive the innovation process to be more efficient with design thinking

50% of design-led companies report more loyal customers as a benefit to having advanced design innovation practices

Design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years

Small manufacturers saw a 17.5% increase in average sales on improved goods and services when they invested in design ideation

Process of BUD

Business Design is essential for creating a focused solution for the problem at hand. Here are the steps of Business Design

  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Market Understanding
  • Target Audience Understanding
  • Business Understanding
  • Revenue Model Understanding
Research Planning
  • Brand Audit
  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research/Audit
  • Design Philosophy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Business Model Recommendations
  • Defining User Flows
  • UX Vision

Why innovate solutions with Red Baton?

Strong Business Acumen

Our business understanding is in parallel with our design excellence. We understand the vitals required for growth.

Customer Centric Mindset

Our business innovation is a result of design thinking that let's us see things from new perspectives

Radically Different

We aim to use business design to reframe your future without compromising on the basic fundamentals of business and its processes.

ROI Driven

Employing our expertise in design ideation and innovation to drive up our partners’ ROI is our main motivation


Design thinking allows you to approach various problems from a completely different perspective. The process of business design thinking allows you to look at an existing issue in a company with a creative eye and innovation.

Good design innovation, at its core, helps your users navigate your website and ensure that the exact brand image is portrayed to your users. This not only brings in the target audience but makes them stay.

Design thinking frameworks a path for the company to follow. Business designs benefit users by allowing a clear vision of the future and readying the company for the dynamic market.

Toyota, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, PepsiCo, Nike, to name a few, are companies which use and are prime examples of design thinking and the success it brings with it.

A design thinking approach is a human-centered approach to innovation. Pillared by five phases — Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test — it is widely used to tackle problems, in a way viable for the company.

Some benefits of design thinking include its ideation and innovation in problem solving, enabling collaboration within teams, boosted ROIs, increased and a more targeted reach, better user experience and a clearer roadmap towards the company’s future.

Environment- Ideas and innovations work best only when the conditions surrounding the problem at hand are considered. Approach- The key to all problem solving is the approach one takes. Design thinking and its ideation because of this element. People- Including the human perspective in all problems is essential to design thinking.

The business design process organically use the following ten tools –


2.Journey mapping

3.Value chain analysis

4.Mind mapping

5.Rapid concept development

6.Assumption testing


8.Customer co-creation

9.Learning launches


Design thinking finds it applications in various fields including and beyond-


2.Information Technology



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