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Yulu – Detailed Campaign

The miracle behind being unstoppable

Our work for Yulu started off with the launch of the brand and cascaded into a campaign for their pioneering electric scooter, Miracle.  This campaign was aimed at highlighting the benefits of a sustainable mode of transport that solves first and last-mile problems.

The struggles of daily commute are not alien to any of us. Especially to those living in metros and developing urban cities. Whether you are a dedicated employee trying to get to the morning meeting or an exhausted student trying to save a few bucks by taking a bus to your college. Commute woes have become an inevitable part of our Monday morning discussions.

But there’s a better way. Ever since the launch of Miracle, a growing number of Yuluites have found a better alternative for their daily commute. These are folk who start their day on a good note, who get to work on time, who don’t haggle with rickshaw drivers and don’t struggle with their daily commute anymore.

And these are the people we wanted to thank in our latest video campaign. The aim was to show their motivations behind opting for a smarter mode of travel. We wanted to showcase their stories and their reasons in a series of videos describing how Yulu Miracle has helped each of them in their own unique way. How Yulu has helped them become – Unstoppable.

Because being unstoppable isn’t just about cutting through traffic. The first video encompasses what being unstoppable is about and the different motivations behind our customers yuluing. Being unstoppable is about not letting commute hurdles affect our motivation to succeed, it’s about not letting rush hours affect our day and about not letting time and cost be a factor in our pursuit of saving the environment.

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The video series continues to deal with our everyday commute troubles. The second video highlights the issue of short-distance commuting. Yulu offers the perfect solution in contrast to haggling with autos or trying to get cabs during morning rush hours. The last video of this series is a hurdle we’ve all faced trying to balance our social life on a budget made possible with Yulu. The Yulu Miracle connects people to their destinations whether it’s three kilometres away or a 30-minute ride in an easy, affordable and convenient way.

More people are joining the Yulu family every day and this campaign is a tribute to their dedication and commitment towards work, friends, family and the environment alike.

This blog article was written for Yulu Bikes by Red Baton Design Studio.

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