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Video communication and why we love it

Videos, in essence, are the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. It comes in various forms ranging from Instagram stories to full-blown film franchises, and one of the biggest brands that rose from videos is the Star Wars series. The iconic introductory scroll of text and the legendary soundtrack of the brand has deep roots in pop culture.  The reason for associating Star Wars as a brand rather than a movie franchise is to emphasize on the gravity and impact videos hold as a method of content consumption.

Print and other traditional media only go so far in communicating a brand as it comes with a few restrictions and not everyone visualises ideas the same way. With interactive media, that restriction is nonexistent because people are naturally social beings and respond well to engagement. One of the biggest advantages of videos is that we can mirror brain activity when engaged in storytelling and listening – both halves of the communication conundrum. Essentially, this means we can effectively and precisely communicate what a brand stands for.

Each person watches an average of 1.5 hours of video per day. Video is a completely different method of engaging audiences because humans tend to avoid tasks that lead to a high level of cognitive strain. This validates that less is more!

Video content relies highly on the power of storytelling. It allows complete visual communication and helps build emotional connections with people. The stories that you can tell with videos are effective in building strong ties and trust with the most varied of audiences! Since every company wants their brand to be the customer’s “first choice” in its respective market, videos give it the necessary edge. This ultimately leads to more trust and more brand loyalty.

The foundation of creating a good video is one that can grip the audience’s attention and hold onto it. This gives us both the direction and creative freedom to educate customers about pretty much anything related to a brand freshly and uniquely. Apart from this, the advent of the digital age has brought in another pillar of creating good videos, the virality factor.

Everyone from music stars to organisations relies on the power of virality. It is one of the main indicators of whether their brand is effective or not. The emerging winner of the rat race to make viral content was the video. It created a stronger and more immediate impact for the consumers. One viral video can get all eyes are on your brand.

Lastly, this blog article was written in the time of a global pandemic and the one medium that keeps us connected and sane is video, be it video chats or cooking tutorials or streaming content. In uncertain times as this, this medium has been able to educate us on innumerable but necessary topics, it has made us howl with laughter and shed a few tears.

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