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Top 5 Branding Trends Of 2023 That Are Here To Stay

Any brand design company essentially helps in defining a business’ personality. All the unique selling points that enable a brand to stand out over time shape up the brand’s image, and creating a positive image in the market is essential in the longer run.

With new products emerging in the market all the time, first impressions matter. Hence, your brand should represent and immediately convey who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

When done right, good branding can promote your business, elevate your products, keep existing customers engaged and capture the attention of new ones.

But how can a brand keep up with the ever-evolving trends while holding its ground and core values? So, let us tell you about the branding trends of 2023 that all top branding companies follow, which can make an impression without fail.

What Are Branding Trends

Introduction – What are Branding Trends?

By now, we have established that branding and brand identity creation is more than just brand naming and logo designing. It is more about establishing an overall presence of a business and keeping it strong no matter how much the market fluctuates.

A brand design company helps any new brand in continually refining its identity to reflect changing consumer needs and industry trends. Innovative brands realize the importance of keeping an eye on emerging trends and embracing new strategies in the context of their market, product, and audience.

We all are familiar with the fact that minimalism connects the most with consumers. Clean, straightforward designs and typography that convey the message clearly is something that we all like. But, other branding trends emerged in 2023, which can most likely make an impact on your digital marketing goals.

Branding Trends of 2023

  • Purpose-Led Branding

Value-driven or purpose-led branding is definitely not one of the latest trends. But it is imperative now – more than ever, to speak openly about your values or stand for what you believe in. People, in general, need a purpose to trust and follow. Story-telling and expressing what you genuinely believe in, definitely connects with the users, and no stakeholders should shy away from telling their story, journey, and values.

Your product users want to interact with brands that share their values, from sustainability to social justice. So, purpose-led branding is all it takes to communicate your commitment towards positive change.

  • Bauhaus Designs

This design trend was born from the famous German art school of the same name. It embraces characteristics from both art and industry, displayed in geometric shapes, strong lines, and sharp corners. Bauhaus gives a minimal, modern, and functional feel which draws on retro design elements – making it a perfect and versatile choice for a brand design company to create a unique identity for a business.

  • Elements that Evoke Nostalgia

The power of nostalgia is unmatched. It brings us comfort and a sense of stability.

With the always evolving modern-day life, fashion, technology, and other sectors of life, the wish to return to the time that once was, stays evident. This creates an opportunity for a brand design company to stand in that gap by providing nostalgic content that helps the customers travel back in time.

The positive sentiments and feelings that this blast-from-the-past content will evoke will be transferred to your brand and help them form a deeper connection to your company.

  • Data or Research-Driven Branding

In the digitally-advanced and networking era, companies consume vast amounts of data daily. This data can be instrumental in tracking users’ interaction with the brand. 

Any emerging brand should use data analytics and business intelligence tools to assemble, manage, and analyze this wealth of information to devise a strategy. 

A brand design company utilizes it to refine operational efficiencies, improve customer experience, increase ROI, and make your brand stand out.

One example of data-driven branding is Starbucks. Starbucks uses market research it gathers from designated firms, franchisees, and social listening activities to improve branding and marketing efforts, stay updated on trends, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Typography, Mascot & Gradient Logo Designs

When you’re telling the story of the brands, characterization is crucial. In the branding trends of 2023, a good brand design company should create a character and present it playfully to stand out from the crowd. 

Bold, experimental, eccentric, and stylish typefaces which look more or less like old-school emblems, full of character, are in. It’s time to bid farewell to the old, boring typography and get creative with it.The only requirement for your emblem or logo is that it expresses the core idea behind your business.

Using 3D gradients, elements, layers, shapes, and in-depth logos accentuate the color contrast to give your logo a more energetic and distinctive look — One of the most popular examples is Instagram!

List of top Brand Design Company

5 Brand Design Companies that are Acing the Branding Trends

Now, let’s talk about the top branding agencies in India that can take your brand’s image to the next level!

  • Red Baton Design Studio

Known as the most profitable brand design company, Red Baton Design is the only organization that treats branding and digital marketing as an experience. We realize that the audience’s perspective is the primary base to drive growth, and that is why we address the pain points and problems in a way that drives growth, retention & ROI. Set up in 2015, our branding and marketing team has an extensive clientele that includes Hindustan Unilever, Aurbis, Tredence, Swiggy, Yulu, and many more. Governed by Saloni Agarwal and backed by the CEO of Red Baton, Ronak Daga, we have a strength of 200+ employees, and we have won many awards like Indigo, CII excellence, and more in the category of brand design. 

  • DY Works

A brand design company based out of Mumbai, was set up in 1997. Founded by Sanjeev Malhotra, DY Works has also partnered with Future Brands, which Santosh Desai owns.

Today, DY Works is one of the most prominent brand strategy and design firm in India. The consultancy has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The company has prestigious retainer clients like Mahindra, L&T, Marico, Godrej, PepsiCo, and many others.

  • Elephant Design

A strategic brand design company based out of Pune, Elephant Design was established in 1989. The agency has won various awards and has consistently ranked among the best design agencies in India.

The consultancy has completed over 2000+ projects over the last two decades, including projects for iconic names like Persistent, Paperboat, Bajaj, Kurkure, etc. Elephant’s founding team consists of NID Alumni Ashish Deshpande, Ashwini Deshpande, and Partho Guha.

  • Almond Branding

A relatively young and dynamic brand design company set up by Shashwat Das, has come a long way. Shashwat’s first startup, WOW Design, has been the reason behind some of the most famous brand revamps in the country. The agency provides services like brand identity creation, packaging design, and more.

The consultancy has executed over 500 projects, and Almond has worked with clients like Amul, Tata Consumer, Nihar, to name a few.

  • Umbrella

Umbrella design was founded in 2005 by Bhupal Ramnathkar. The brand design company is one of the few specialty design houses to offer a comprehensive set of branding services like Logo Design, Brand & Corporate Identity, Packaging, and more.

The agency’s portfolio includes clients like Reliance, Flipkart, Redbull, Raymond to mention a few.

Conclusion – Importance of Creating a Unique Brand Identity

To set yourself apart from the competition, your brand needs to be unique. Once you identify it’s core value and message, you must list your USPs.

A strong, unique brand image is essential to building a good relationship with customers. If they feel that you share the same values as them, they’ll be drawn to your brand and will likely feel comfortable in choosing you over the competition.

If the brand design company that you hire, can keep this connection alive, you’ll be able to cultivate a long-term relationship with your customers. Statistics say that customers who emotionally connect with a brand report a 306% higher LTV. Hence, a strong brand identity leads to increased recognition and brand awareness, which helps in improving your business’ word-of-mouth recommendations.

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1. What are branding trends?

The 2023 branding trends are focused more on people. They reflect what consumers want and need during uncertain and challenging times. Stimulating, impactful and fun branding tactics offer ways to engage with strong visuals. Vision driven and mission-first branding, that is focused on humanizing brand personality, with a pinch of humor offer, helps in building connections.


2. What are the 3 E’s of branding? 

According to extensive research, purposeful and mission-driven branding strategies fosters three key feelings:

  1. Enablement: By creating emotional experiences that deliver functional pleasure and foster feelings of empowerment. For example, when Red Baton was rebranding Yulu, we focused on making our target audience feel empowered by conveying freedom and convenience of mobility in our message. 
  2. Enticement: Any brand design company needs to provide sensory or cognitive stimulation or by creating experiences that are heartwarming. Disney World is a perfect example of the same. 
  3. Enrichment: Apart from driving emotional experiences and providing cognitive stimulation, a brand design company needs to foster the feelings of inspiration. When people feel that a brand is a part of something bigger than selling their product they feel inspired, which builds trust.


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