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Audio in Video: The Basics

The hierarchy of filmmaking puts visuals at the top of the table, yet every video from the era of silent films to the Bond franchise today, have audio used in different forms. Although it is easily dismissed, audio plays a role in filmmaking unlike any other by augmenting the experience of the audience.

In this blog, we discuss the foundational elements that help to create good audio for video production.

Voice overs (dialogue)

One of the most common ways to have good audio is by recording off-camera, preferably in a studio and adding it to the video during the post-production stage. The other way is through Sync Sound – recording sounds and dialogue during filming. Voice overs also require special care in terms of the script and the voiceover artist, it is the starting point of any video production.


Sound effects encompass the entire hierarchy of sound elements that enhance and emphasize the emotional response expected of the viewer.

  • FoleySound effects blur the lines between reality and what’s on the screen to give audiences an immersive experience. Movies like Jurassic Park and Alien are frontrunners in the use of SFX – it paints an accurate picture of what’s going on in the video.
  • AmbienceWhat might usually be classed as background noise is actually Ambient Sound. It is a soundscape that adds value to off-screen elements and helps establish the setting. Rainy days, traffic and war scenes are some usual examples of Ambient Sound.

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Background music

Music is effectively a foundational aspect of video production. It can totally change the mood of a video. Horror movies are at the forefront of using BGM as storytelling and transition tools. Interstellar is one of the best examples of good background music – it seamlessly blends into the video and conveys the subliminal messages with ease. The ingenuity of a good background score usually helps establish a brand for the video.

Sound mixing

They are designers in their own right. Sound Engineers design and control the sound aspect of video production. They are responsible for accurately and artistically placing audio across a video, be it dialogue, music or sound effects. They engineer audio to work for the video.

Audio in video production has taken leaps and bounds to be where it is today, a foundational aspect of production. It is a well-established fact that good sound is a valuable addition to a good video because a viewer rarely ever notices its presence. It adds depth, meaning and ties the whole visual experience together.

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