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7 Top UI/UX Design Trends To Follow in 2023

Most people could barely sense any difference between 2020 and 2021 but those were exciting years for UI/UX designers. There were a lot of amazing apps and websites launched with a lot of creative softwares for designers. Also, the introduction of Metaverse in 2021 caused excitement in the UI/UX industry.

When designers were forced to sit at home, they analyzed and reflected the existing trends to create and update new and better things.

Hence, based on the existing design trends of 2020 and 2021, it is quite easy to gauge what 2023 will bring on the table for UI/UX designers.

What is UI design?

For the uninitiated, UI stands for User Interface and it refers to the graphical layout of the application. It includes the buttons users click on, and the images, sliders, copy and text entry fields they interact with. System UI further includes transitions, screen layout, interface animations and every single micro-interaction.

What is UX design?

UX is also known as User Experience and it refers to the user’s experience of using a particular app and interacting with the same. It is based on the fact that whether the navigation experience is intuitive and smooth or confusing and clunky?

Top UI/UX trends for 2023



It is no secret that humans react well to storytelling. Stories have been with us since our existence in the form of words and images, and time traveled with us seamlessly. It is a beautiful social activity which helps people to connect and relate to each other.

Hence, it is important to note that these stories and experiences are at its core emotive and immersive. So, looking towards 2023, this tool will surely be a notable UX trend.

Also, don’t allow your audience to just go scrolling down your website or app. Give them a chance to do scrollytelling. It is a form of narrative where scroll illustrations, snippets of text, fonts and other elements begin to come to life. This is a kind of story that your users will want to see till the end, where they can’t influence its course but will feel like a participant in the events on the screen.

Thus, scrollytelling and storytelling both will be popular on websites and apps in 2023 for UX Design.

Simplification and Minimalism

2.Simplification and minimalism

These are two UI trends that will be surely seen throughout 2023. In fact, you can take a look at the popular tech companies like Meta, Revolut and Oculus amongst various others to see this UI trend thriving.

Such companies have a strong preference for informative, simple and minimal interfaces. Users are seen interacting with such brands in a better way as everything is very clear and concise. Thus, this UI design trend will be opted by more and more companies in 2023 as well.

Experimenting Navigation Placement

3.Experimenting navigation placement

The placement of navigation and how the users will interact with it are two important elements of the UX design process. Also, this process is becoming important with every passing day because of mobile usage.

Most companies are expecting UX Designers to come up with innovative solutions for users to reach that navigation menu, which is usually on the top. However, in 2023 this can change as UX designers are thinking about placing the navigation menu at the bottom or offering a hybrid menu at the top.

It is very important for users to be able to find the navigation menu easily. For example, the bottom placement is great as it is easier for users to reach the bar, but at the same time, it is confusing to find. In spite of that, UX designers are looking to experiment with the navigation menu in 2023.

Brutalism with the return of the flat

4.Brutalism with the return of the flat

This trend gained popularity in 2021 but it will be on the rise in 2023 as well. It is a counter trend for all the designs that are full of shadows, gradients and smiling 3D characters. Usually, brutalism embraces flat design, contrasting colours, strong outlines, bold typography and photography

Although, the new version of brutalism forgoes one of its main defining elements which is the seemingly absent grid. However, currently the UI designers are using all of its other elements, and it confirms a more standard layout.

There are a lot of UI design companies that do find brutalism as a very bizarre form of design but, the only good thing about it is that it stays in the users mind longer as compared to a regular design. The latest example of this is Spotify’s Wrapped List 2021.

Voice User Interface

5.Voice user interface

Creating top-notch user experience with the help of voice is not a new UX trend. However, what is new is how it is taking shape today. Previously, UX design for voice interfaces was dependent on screens which meant that our first and main point of contact was the screen. This was the major reason behind which voice user interfaces fell short, as they were glitchy and incurred delays of when a person should speak.

Recently, that has changed as more importance is given to voice interfaces and use of voice programs which has compelled the UI designers to create a smooth experience between the user and the voice software or application.

However, the voice UI is so simple for the users that it will be incorporated even further in 2023.

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Aurora Backgrounds

6.Aurora backgrounds

This trend became very popular in 2021 and so, it got a special name called- Aurora Backgrounds. It consists of subtle, colorful and blurred splashes of color which makes it look very friendly and organic. They are also visually appealing and attractive.

These backgrounds will surely gain popularity in 2023 as they are very pleasing to the eye. Most UI designers are using such splashes as an entire background or just as an emphasis under some very important UI elements.

Personalized Experience

7.Personalized experience

Personalizing user experience is a trend that has been gaining popularity over the years and it is definitely here to stay. There is an array of content that the users can access on the web, and more apps and websites are personalizing the experience for an individual user. They either provide personalized suggestions or offer accessibility guidelines.

The major goal that companies have for their UX designer is to create a design and product that closes the gap between what any user wants and expects and what they experience.

Personalisation focuses on demographics which includes statistical data like education, sex, age, ethinicity, nationality and religion amongst various others. It further focuses on localization and behavioral data. With such information, the UX designer creates a personalisation journey for the customers.

It has great response form the audiences and thus, this trend will be the most used UI/UX trend of 2023.


It is an exciting time for UI/UX design as AI has started working with data quickly and efficiently. User experiences are genuinely evolving in meaningful ways that benefit the user as well as the business. Whether it’s bringing excitement to the page with the help of scrollytelling, soothing aurora backgrounds or adding voice user interface with personalized experiences- these trends work with and well for the users.

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