People centric solutions simplifying life's complexities while helping businesses grow

Our futuristic solutions are based on technology, cognitive science, and business outcomes.

Our Story

Red Baton was founded in 2015 with a vision to be a turnkey consultant for brands seeking new age innovation. Our journey like all has been full of learnings and we’ve continuously evolved ourselves. Today, we aim to simplify life's complexities by strategically partnering with every futuristic innovation. We’re guided by research and led by business strategy to create solutions rooted in science, design, and emotions.

Our team of visionaries, realists, and executioners partner with you to provide holistic solutions.

Our Core

Our solutions are an outcome of the character and values we live by.


We believe in ‘making dreams come true’ and ‘transforming reality’ because of our out-of-box thinking.


We are confident and proactive leaders rooted in facts, science, and logic. Our knowledge helps us see beyond the obvious.


We’re thought leaders who proactively seek out ‘an understanding of the world’ through research, analysis, and intelligence.


Our creative expression is rooted in passion and relies on a structured process. We experiment and foster innovation within the set limitations.


We understand people, emotions, and psychology. We’re grounded and understand that our solutions are meant to help people.


We’re experts from various fields who have come together with a single goal of designing meaningful experiences.


We’re straightforward people who believe in honest and transparent communications and own accountability.